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Jul 05

Universal Relay Boilerplate Updates and Rebar Account Verification

We updated the Universal Relay Boilerplate with the latest versions of the Cassandra driver and added Account Verification unit to Rebar.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 7.6.2 has been updated with the following changes:

  • Use Cassandra Driver 3.1 for improved performance. Benchmarks for the throughput of the new drivers are available:
  • Modified the React Native routing to allow for simplified, yet more flexible configuration.

The same changes have been implemented in Rebar.

We added documentation about using Uptime Robot to monitor a Rebar project and on Troubleshooting Cassandra.

We are also very happy to see that the universal project, integrating both React and React Native under the same roof, has passed 100 stars on github.

It is also worth mentioning one of the projects that is live based on URB/Rebar. It is the beautifully designed Reality Advisors Elite, a Real Estate agency website allowing search, rent and purchase of apartments and houses in the Chicago area. It went live earlier this year.

We also added Account Verification unit to Rebar, which allows verification of entered E-Mail addresses and phone numbers.