Do Your Small Business Clients Expect Great Results On A Tight Budget?

Enchant Them With Easy To Make Custom Websites, Apps And Chat Bots That Generate Leads And Nurture Existing Customers.

Perfect for Agencies and their Small Busines Clients

Our solutions are uniquely targeted at the issues agencies face when working with small business clients.


Our solutions allow you to expess your creativity free of distractions. You never have to worry about hosting, mailing, submitting to an app store, browser versions, printing, upgrades, incompatible versions or security updates. All our templates are SEO and mobile friendly.

Multi Channel

A brand's message is reinforced and amplified when it is delivered over multiple channels. Using our simple maker tool you create websites, mobile apps, online ads, emails, print media. The marketing message of your clients is being kept on brand accross all channels.

White Labeled

Provide more value to your customers directly through your agency instead of having them get lost in a maze of thrird party tools and services. Your experience in creating the best solutions for your clients is reflected in templates and components you can create and reuse.


Our solutions cater to the needs of small businesses in the services space - cleaning and maintenance, repairs, tutoring and training. They increase customer satifaction and retention thouh managing appointments, collecting payments and customer feedback.

It's all about services

Service Businesses offer a dazzling variety of utility to their customers. Despite the variety, they share common characteristics - they are often small businesses, working in a certain geographic area. Our software is uniquely positioned to provide value for small service businesses.


Customers can request and manage appointments straight through the website, app or chatbot.


Effectively managing cancelations and gaps in the schedule provides great ROI for a small business.


Customers can pay directly with a credit card or through Apple and Google pay.


Reputation management is essential to a small business. Collect testimonials and promote on third party review sites.

Want to make it your own? We got you!

Do you have custom software you wish to integrate? Are you a SaaS company that would benefit from adding functionality like web pages, apps and chat bots? Do you have ideas that require custom coding?

All assets being created by the maker - web sites, apps, chatbots, are based on our React | Relay | GraphQL | Node.js | Cassandra stack. Any custom functionality is accessible through Maker by the means of creating custom React components. We use the best tools available:


The Cassandra NOSQL database is the clear leader when it comes to scalability and reliability.


Node.js is utilizing the ubiquitous JavaScript language to create highly performant, scalable server infrastructure.


The combination of React, React Native, Relay and GraphQL delivers high quality, performant user interfaces.


Since sites developed with maker are simply Node.js sites, they can be deployed on a variety of platforms and clouds.

We're on it!

We are currently in the process of implementing the service and the web maker is the first part to be complete. If you like, submit your email to receive updates on the progress.

Below is a short screencast of the currently developed version of Maker: