Startup-in-a-box kit for Web, iOS and Android apps and backend services with variety of commonly used functionality.

Rebar builds upon the Universal Relay Boilerplate by providing additional features and connection to various backend services.

Detailed technical information about Rebar is available in our developer section.

Here are some of the features of Rebar:

Account Management

Rebar contains functionality for creation, deletion and modification of user accounts, as well as setting and changing a password, email and phone number.

Account Management unit

Account Verification

Rebar allows the verification of E-Mail and phone numbers entered in user's profiles by sending a link containing a secret to those accounts. This allows for enhanced security and implementing dual factor authentication.

Account Verification unit

Social Login

In addition to logging in with user name and passwords, users of solutions based on Rebar can log in using a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

Social Login unit


Rebar supports functionality for sending out raw and templated emails to users and manages the user's email.

E-Mail unit

Push Notifications

Rebar supports push notifications on mobile devices and manages the permission and registration of the devices. All the developer needs to do in order to send a push notification is to specify the user_id, the message, and the URL indicating which part of the application to open.

Push Notifications unit

Text Messaging

Rebar supports sending text messages to users.

SMS unit


Message inbox and user-top-user chat like functionality. Feature under development.

Messaging unit


Rebar supports performing payments through Stripe. Feature under development.

Payments unit


Rebar support mapping functionality and overlaying objects on the maps. Feature under development.

Map tools unit


Rebar can handle uploading, handling and viewing photos. Feature under development.

Photos unit


Additional tools to simplify development.

Tools unit


Tools to deploy URB and Rebar based solutions to popular cloud platforms, based on Kubernetes.

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