We use hand-picked open source libraries and established online services to help businesses and startups turn their ideas into high quality applications

On-Demand | Social | E-Commerce | IoT | SAAS

Integration Over Invention

We step on the shoulders of giants. Our solutions integrate the best-of-breed open source projects and online services in the simplest ways possible. This gives the software developers in our customer teams and internal teams a great experience developing robust, high-quality applications.

We do not see the need to re-invent functionality like UI libraries, servers and data access. The use of established third party services for email, online payments, notifications, text messaging, mapping, etc. ensures the reliable operation of our applications.

The libraries and services we use receive frequent updates and new features and are popular within the development community. We take care of making sure they work together well. Our philosophy is that the less the developers need to worry about the underlying technologies and projects, the more they will be able to focus on the functionality and quality of the applications they develop.

What do we provide?

We have tailored our solutions to serve the specific application development needs of small and medium businesses and startups whether it is SAAS, e-commerce, social or on-demand.


Our solutions are engineered from day one to provide high quality user experience, reliability and scalability. Our goal is to make as much of what we do available to you as possible through our boiler plates, starter kits, updates, training and consulting, as well as custom application development.

Time to market

Our boiler plate and starter kit will allow your idea to be implemented quickly, using pre-built and integrated functionality for common application tasks, without sacrificing quality.


Both our front end and back end technology choices are made with account to scalability. We anticipate for the raising complexity of applications as well as increasing number of users. This allows you to avoid costly rewrites once your idea outgrows its initial user base and complexity.

Future proof

Our solutions employ open source projects and online services backed by the big players in the industry. They have large developer communities, great documentation and lots of businesses using them, which makes them likely to be supported and extended for years to come.


Our solutions are built of modules which can be mixed and matched depending on your needs. Common functionality like account management, payments, mapping, charts and image management is ready to use and does not have to be re-invented.

Web and Mobile

Our goal is to provide first-grade experience for desktop web, mobile web, native iOS and native Android under one roof. We make the simultaneous development for all platform as simple as possible. We provide first grade mobile experience through native apps as well as responsive web applications using the excellent Material-UI library.

Maximizing skills

Our solutions are built so that developers with knowledge in Full Stack JavaScript are productive when working on the web, native or server parts of the project. Having to learn and master one language and one set of UI paradigms gives the developers shorter ramp up times and higher productivity.


We provide both turn key development, as well as boiler plates, libraries, starter kits, documentation and training for in-house development. We can provide the initial implementation of your project as well as continuous support and updates.


Some of the awesome technologies and projects we rely on


Projects we enjoyed being a part of