We build turnkey Software As A Service (SaaS) Products

Web | iOS | Android | Scalable Backend | 3rd Party API

What sets us apart?

All our solutions are based on Rebar, our starter kit. It receives frequent updates with new features and bug fixes.

We built Rebar to serve the specific application development needs of existing businesses and startups, from a small and humble start all the way to unicorn status:

Time To Market

The starter kit allows for the efficient creation of MVP using typical features out-of-the box - user account management, security, email, SMS, push notifications, payments, maps, etc. While saving time, this protects against incurring technical debt from rushed implementation of features.

Web, iOS and Android

The use of React, React Native and Relay allows to simultaneously develop for the Web, iOS and Android by the same team. Large amounts of code can be reused between web and mobile, especially between the two mobile clients. React Native provides for smooth 60fps user experience unlike earlier hybrid technologies.

Future proof

The technologies used are very popular with developers which ensures access to a growing talent pool and future proofing. The unlimited access to source code and application data removes any typical restrictions imposed by backend as a service platforms.

Maximizing skills

The pervasive use of JavaScript, the most popular programming language in the world, reduces the number of skills required. It allows each individual developer to contribute to the full stack. The use of popular libraries ensures wealth of documentation further reducing the learning curve.

Built-In API

GraphQL is an up and coming more efficient and flexible successor to REST. GraphiQL provides fully-featured IDE for the API to be used by 3rd party developers connecting to applications built on Rebar. GraphQL has self documenting schema and Rebar provides a security context.


Rebar is built from the ground up on horizontally scalable technologies, including Node JS, Data Loader and the NoSQL database Cassandra. The code base does not have to be rewritten when the number of users grows. Just add servers.


The starter kit has modular design minimizing the level of effort for updating to new versions containing new features, bug and security fixes. In addition, it allows for better parallelization of the work of the development team.

Integration over Invention

The starter kit integrates best-of-breed open source projects and cloud services. Whenever a suitable library or service is available we strive not to reinvent existing functionality but rather to integrate it with the rest of the kit and make it easier for developers to use.


We step on the shoulders of giants. Here are some of the awesome technologies and projects we rely on:


Projects we enjoyed being a part of