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Feb 24


We have updated the Starter Kit with several new security and authentication features. We also added an overview of our approach to SEO using the isomorphic kit.

The Starter Kit, now at version 0.9 has lots of new features related to authentication and security, providing, among others, protection against XSS and CSRF. Here is the detailed breakdown of the changes:

  • User interface

    • Made the navigation bar always visible.
  • Authentication

    • Made user names case insensitive.
    • Support ‘deleting’ users without error on the server.
    • Decode JWT token and validate it is a real user in the database.
    • Use bcrypt for password encryption.
    • Implemented log out.
    • Implemented Create New User screen.
    • Implemented User Profile screen.
    • Implemented Password Change screen.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Removed dependence on sequel.
    • Upgraded to react router 2.
    • Several bug fixes in examples.

We also explained our approach to isomorphism and SEO in SEO Using Isomorphic Application with Relay and Helmet. That was the core of our presentation at the SoCal ReactJS meetup.