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Sep 18

Releasing Relay Tools

We have released Rebar Tools as an open-source tool.

In order to manage the lifecycle of the application and releases of new features, we used versions of Universal Relay Boilerplate Tools and provided them to our clients. While it was a workable solution, the tools were far from perfect and had to be modified to some extent for each application. In order to address this we combined them into Rebar Tools, which has command-line interface. It will provide a combination of commands and creation of other scripts that support the full set of activities from setting up a developer workstation through deployment in production. In the coming months we will be transferring all existing scripts and routines into Rebar Tools. They will supersede all previous approaches.

Universal Relay Boilerplate Next and Rebar Next have been updated to version Here are the major changes:

  • Upgrade Flow and use the new format React.Component<props, state>.
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Material-UI beta.
  • Fix issues with user creation, login.
  • Move the Material-UI theme creation into the configuration.
  • Update build-units to format the generated script using Prettier.
  • Allow specifying root routes in units (outside of app frame).
  • Fixed issues with passing configuration to wrapper. Modified the passing of configuration to be compatible with the factory-site pattern of Site Builder.
  • Rewrite the Viewport Dimensions using HOC and provide example.
  • Move prettier.rc configuration into package.json.