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Aug 04

Universal Relay Boilerplate React Native User Management and ORM

We updated the Universal Relay Boilerplate to use ORM for Cassandra schema creation and persist the logged in user in the React Native client.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 8.0.0 has been updated with the following changes:

  • react-native-swipeout has been duplicated within the repository in order to comply with the changes in importing for React 0.26 and later.
  • Scenes are now wrapped in Relay containers which support parameters by defining custom routes.
  • The navigation drawer is also wrapped in a Relay container which allows to display user-specific information, for instance user name.
  • express-cassandra ORM is used instead of CQL scripts for creating the schema in Cassandra.
  • In the React Native client when the user is logged in, the information is persisted in the keychain.
    • Upon successful login, the user it transferred to a scene specified in configuration
    • When the application is loaded with persisted user information, the default screen is specified in the route configuration.
  • Log out screen is added to the React Native client.
  • React has been upgraded to version 15.3.0.
  • Material-UI has been upgraded to version 0.15.3.
  • React Native has been upgraded to version 0.30.0.
  • Bug fixes.

The same changes have been implemented in Rebar.