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Jun 21


We updated the Universal Relay Boilerplate with the latest versions of Material-UI, React Native and other modules and fixed several issues.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 7.4.0 has been updated with the following changes:

  • The babel configuration has been cleaned up and presets for stage 0 have been enabled, including async/await.
  • A new npm script dev-reset has been added for quick reset of the development environment.
  • 'ESLint' packages have been moved to the development dependencies, reducing the deployment footprint.
  • React has been upgraded to version 15.1.0.
  • Material-UI has been upgraded to version 0.15.1.
  • React Native has been upgraded to version 0.28.0.
  • Authentication issue in React Native has been resolved.

The same changes have been implemented in Rebar.