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Jun 15


In preparation for he use of Paasy McPassFace we revampled the build and deployment process for Universal Relay Boilerplate. We also introduced improvements to the React Native project.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 7.2.1 has been updated with the following changes:

  • Organize the names of build scripts by category:
    • setup- - Scripts for setting up a new development environment for URB once it is downloaded from repo.
    • update- - Update settings for running URB.
    • build- - Build scripts.
    • dev- - Scripts for running in development mode.
    • dev and start - run all development servers and react-native code server.
  • A new version number is added. It consists of the major-minor-revision version number from package.json, with appended incrementing build number as last fourth digit. The version is stored at /configuration/package.js. An example of such version is The number is updated every time a build is performed. The version number is used for loading assets generated by webpack. This ensures a unique URL for every build for those assets, even when the version in package.json has not been changed.
  • Winston now writes to Cassandra. The IP address of the server is added to the startup information written into the log.
  • Descriptive error is issues if code requests Object Type with an incorrect name from the Object Manager.
  • The React Native project is updated with better routing and look and feel of the login screen.
  • The major versions of npm and node are locked down.
  • The list of modules installed in production has been reduced.

The same changes are implemented in Rebar.

We also added information about installing Universal Relay Boilerplate by hand on Digital Ocean: