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Jun 01


We updated the documentation for Rebar's E-Mail and SMS units. For Universal Relay Boilerplate we have added a number of configurations settings to Account Management and improved the React Native project.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 6.3.0 has been updated with the following changes:

  • Use Relay 0.9.
  • Deprecated GLOBAL has been replaced with global by ncrmro.
  • Object Type registration can be done through a static method, simplifying configuration.
  • Object Manager supports triggers.
  • The To Do example has been fixed not to fail when adding To Dos.
  • The user token is no more prepended by 0..
  • Server extensions are added.
  • The React Native project has been updated with navigation drawer and several issues have been resolved.
  • The account management has been made configurable.
  • HTML pages for 403, 404 and 500 errors have been introduced instead of previous plain text. The defaults use the awesome Tumble Beasts.

The Rebar default project has also been updated to require email address and password by default.