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May 20


We are happy to announce two new units available in Rebar - E-Mail and SMS. We have also simplified the unit naming in both Rebar and the Universal Relay Boilerplate.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 6.0.0 has a simplified unit naming convention. The units have the following names:

Unit name Description
urb-* Universal Relay Boilerplate and Rebar unit.
urb-example-* Universal Relay Boilerplate and Rebar example.
rb-* Rebar-only unit.
rb-example-* Rebar-only example.

We also updated the technical information section about Rebar and Universal Relay Boilerplate on our site and included description of the various units according to the new naming convention.

We added SMS capability through Twilio and E-Mail capability through Send Grid. Both modules provide connection to the vendor's API, error handling and logging.