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May 12


We have updated the Universal Relay Boilerplate with the latest versions of React and Material-UI. We also added the Social Login Unit to Rebar.

The Universal Relay Boilerplate, now at version 4.0.0 with the help of our contributors, has the following improvements:

  • Revamped user interface. The user interface is largely modeled after the Material-UI documentation site with several changes accounting for the boilerplate architecture and server rendering requirements.
  • The documentation has been improved and clear distinction is being made between the Universal Relay Boilerplate and Rebar functionality.
  • Hooks for additional authentication methods are added.
  • Linting npm script is added and multiple lining issues are resolved.
  • The update-ip script is made to be more flexible.
  • React Native 0.26 is used and the React native examples are now operational.
  • Multiple settings for the boilerplate are moved to a configuration folder.

Social Login for Rebar

The Rebar starter kit has been updated with all the changes to Universal Relay Boilerplate above. A new unit for allowing logging in using social networks is added. It allows logging in to social networks from the login screen:

Social Network login

For more details review the Social Login Unit documentation.