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Feb 09


We have updated the Starter Kit. with several new features. Also, we added additional information about using the IMRSK with Cassandra.

The Starter Kit has the following new features and examples:

  • Implemented persistence for all types in Cassandra.
  • Added custom date/time type for use with Cassandra date/time and JavaScript date object.
  • Added menu for the currently authenticated user with profile picture and links to user profile.
  • Added Translaticiarum example, which illustrates work with dates and times, and building calendar-like grids.
  • Added Ensayo example, which illustrate an article-like component with example for SEO using React Helmet, enabled by the fact that the kit supports isomorphism.

In order to help understand the interactions between Cassandra and Relay, check out the article Cassandra, meet Relay. Relay, meet Cassandra. If you are new to Cassandra you can check out the Cassandra cheatsheet as a reference for the most commonly used commands.