Rebar and URB Development Workstation Setup

Initial Development Machine Setup

The basic setup for web only work is:

For complete development environment setup on MacOS, follow:

MacOS Developer Setup for React, React Native, Node and Cassandra Development.

Initial Project setup on local machine

In order to set up the project locally, perform the following steps:

Action Notes
git clone Clone from github. Alternatively, you can download the source and update in some different way.
yarn Install node packages.
yarn setup-local Set up default configuration for running the boilerplate.

In addition to the above, you might want to specify JWT_SECRET by modifying the .env file. This step can be skipped if you do not care about the actual security and simply want to get the project running.

Running in development mode

In order to develop, three servers need to be started:

This can be done with one command:

To open the app:

To run the iOS app in the emulator:

Configuring Cassandra locally


Configuring Dynamodb locally with Docker

Other databases

Instructions for other databases will be added as support for those is added.